Mia Harper

Mia Harper, Digital Marketing Executive

Digital Marketing Executive

Hello, I’m Mia and I am the Digital Marketing Executive of Party Hard Travel. I run all outbound media such as Instagram, Facebook, Emails and Twitter whilst executing our campaigns including competitions with major brands!
I also help co ordinate the UK Zoo Tour by designing and planning the inside of the club whilst also promoting the evenings across our socials.
Working for Party Hard Travel keeps you on your toes, especially in the office, but the hard work pays off when we see the thousands of happy faces that our lick list team have captured over the summer.

Favourite part of your job:
Building relationships with other brands/influencers and watching campaigns come to life!

Favourite moment of summer 18:
Wilkinson performing in Ibiza

What is your favourite event:
Together, Amnesia

What are you looking forward to in Summer 19:
Doubling our team and being everywhere!