Jodie Pilgrim

Jodie Pilgrim, Head of Overseas Management

Head of Overseas Management

Hello, I am Jodie! I am the Head of Overseas management. I started working abroad in 2015 and then proceeded on to Resort Manager for Malia in 2017, to Head of Overseas Management in 2018. It is my job to ensure all of our resorts are ready with everything that you need to ensure you have the best week of your lives! From our Party hard hotels and event packages to recruiting and training our amazing in resort Party Hard Team.


Favourite part of your job:

My favourite part is reading the reviews left by the guests. The job satisfaction from seeing that we are creating the experience that is described as the best week of their lives makes everything we do worth it.

Favourite moment of Summer 18:
When we finally broke 500 people per week in our top resort and seeing all the Party Harders creating a road block on their way to the Paint Party in a sea of Party Hard T-shirts.

What is your favourite event:
I don’t have a specific favourite event, everyone brings something different that I love. However, I love the events that are something you could never experience in England, like a good classic very boozy boat party.

What are you looking forward to in Summer 19:
I am looking forward to taking even more people away with us this summer, growing our overseas team and developing our Party Hard hotels!