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Danielle McDevitt Malia Rep

Danielle McDevitt

Rep - Malia



Hello, I'm Danielle and I'm the rep for Malia. I was a rep last year and am really looking forward to 2018. My fav things in life are online shopping, Chinese food and my dog Jake. And I can down a beer in one a lot faster then your average human hahaha 😊

Favourite part of your job: My favourite thing about working with Party Hard is being able to attend all of the amazing events with all the guests every week throughout the summer!

Favourite moment of Summer 17: Hosting the party Hard Bar Crawl in Malia

What is your favourite event: All of the Malia events!

What are you looking forward to in Summer 18: I'm looking forward to 2018 because Party Hard is constantly growing and growing which means it can only be bigger and better than last year (which I didn't think was possible) I'm super excited to see what the summer has in store for us.

Favourite social post of the summer:

'Summertime, when the living is easy.' #wearepartyhard @maliaboozecruise Ph: @michaelolatunji

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