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Hangout on Holiday

Hang Out on Holiday Logo

Hangout on holiday enables you to check out your resort before you travel, discover news of local events, places to go, things to do and people to meet. Find out what is hot, share ideas and tips and arrange to hang out with others going at the same time. 


ATOL Protected Logo


ATOL protects you when you book a holiday with a UK travel company. It ensures you do not lose money or become stranded abroad if your travel company collapses. ATOL stands for Air Travel Organiser's Licence and is backed by the UK Government.


TTA The Travel Trust Association Logo


The Travel Trust Association is the only travel network in the UK to guarantee 100% financial protection to the consumer, ensuring total consumer confidence. They help travel entrepreneurs set up and grow their travel businesses by providing a licence to trade and the tools to grow a successful business. 


Holiday Taxis 

HolidayTaxis.com The Smarter Way to Arrive

HolidayTaxis.com was set up back in 2002, in order to fulfil their passion for helping their customers find a quick, easy and reliable way to reach their accommodation. They have transported millions of passengers and pride themselves on the outstanding service and pricing of their products.


The Stoke Travel Co Logo

Stoke Travel

Stoke does travel your way. None of Stoke’s trips are identical, but there is a consistent theme. They like to consider their guests to be participants in the experience, not observers. We create an environment where you feel you ‘own’ your trip, with enough flexibility in our schedule for you to make your own decisions as to what you do.


The Gym Find Your Fit Logo

The Gym

The Gym has one of the most flexible membership policies, longest opening hours and lowest prices out there; you won’t find another Gym that makes it easier to join.


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