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Ayia Napa Paint Party

Included in the Ayia Napa Ultimate Events Package


The Ayia Napa paint party is the brand-new paint party for 2022. We just love bringing you the new and improved events! Imagine your favourite club nights, banging tunes, busy atmosphere and then add in thousands of litres of UV paint. This is something you could never experience in the UK. Add the fact that we provide you with FIVE HOURS of cocktails… there is literally nothing more you could need – well apart from a hot shower after. The countdown begins…. 5,4,3,2,1 and the paint is released. With regular breaks for you to go and top up your drinks and then the process repeats! Doors open at half past midnight and the party goes on until dawn. Included in our Ultimate Events Package for 2022.

What’s Included?

Entrance to Event
UV Paint
5 Hours Cocktails
Buzzing Atmosphere

Why Party Hard?

We have been doing this for years now and we bundle all the best events together into one simple affordable events package – the ultimate events package. The paint party really is a must and getting it in our package means you’ll save both time and money. Check out what previous customers say here


What’s included?
  • DJs and Host
  • Thousands of Litres of Paint
  • Buzzing Atmosphere
  • 5 Hour Cocktail Bar
What should I wear to the Ayia Napa paint party?

Definitely an outfit that you don’t mind losing. You’re gonna be sprayed with paint after all, unless that’s the look you want for that plain white t-shirt? Flat shoes or trainers are best, especially if the paint makes the floor slightly slippery! But again, choose shoes you don’t mind getting a little messy!

What cocktails are available?

A range of delicious cocktails and drinks will be decided by the venue.

Does paint party paint stain?

It will most likely stain clothes but it is water based so skin and hair will not be stained and it will wash out after a warm shower!

Will I get paint in my hotel room?

Hotels may charge a small fee if there is paint on the bed sheets so just make sure you go straight to the shower before touching anything in the room! Water based paint will come off of light switches, door handles and showers.

When is last entry?

Last entry is at 2am but with everything kicking off at midnight, you probably won’t miss it!

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