Ayia Napa Clubbing Event Calendar - August 2018 - Party Hard Travel

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Entering the hottest month of summer; August! Craig David is making it 2 years in a row to shut down the BCL Festival Closing Party! Ayia Napa has the perfect mixture of events including the Pambos Napa Rocks Pool Party, Paint Glow and many more. Check out the Ayia Napa August 2018 Event Calendar below.

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1st August: Wired Live 2nd August: Pambos Napa Rocks Pool Party3rd August: Paint Party 4th August: Fantasy Boat Party5th August: Addicted 2 Bass 6th August: BCL Festival7th August: Fantasy Boat Party 7th August: Party Hard Bar Crawl8th August: Wired Live 9th August: Napa Rocks Pool Party10th August: Paint Party 11th August: Fantasy Boat Party12th August: Addicted 2 Bass 13th August: Deadmau5 At BCL Festival14th August: Party Hard Bar Crawl 14th August: Fantasy Boat Party15th August: Wired Live 16th August: Napa Rocks Pool Party17th August: Paint Party 18th August: Fantasy Boat Party 19th August: Addicted 2 Bass 20th August: BCL Festival 21st August: Fantasy Boat Party 21st August: Party Hard Bar Crawl 22nd August: Wired Live 23rd August: Napa Rocks Pool Party 24th August: Paint Party 25th August: Fantasy Boat Party 25th August: Full moon party 26th August: Addicted 2 Bass 28th August: Fantasy Boat Party 28th August: Party Hard Bar Crawl 29th August: Wired Live 30th August: Napa Rocks Pool Party 31st August: Paint Party


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