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Zante June 2018 Calendar Coming Soon

Check out the Summer 17 Calendar below to get an idea of what we will have to offer.

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We had the biggest year in Zante last year and we are sure to make it even bigger this year. With the likes of Danny Howard and Charlie sloth @ Rescue club and the biggest UV and Paint events you can’t beat a Zante opening party. Watch out for the Zante 2018 Event Calendar to keep up to date on the live acts being announced for the biggest events in resort.

2017 Calendar below

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1st June: Life's a Beach Party3rd June: Dancing in Colours3rd June: VVIP Yacht Party5th June: Glow Party6th June: Zante Live7th June: Paint Party8th June: Life's a Beach Party10th June: Dancing in Colours10th June: VVIP Yacht Party12th June: Glow Party13th June: Zante Live14th June: Paint Party15th June: Life's a Beach Party17th June: Dancing in Colours17th June: VVIP Yacht Party19th June: Glow Party20th June: Zante Live21st June: Paint Party22nd June: Life's a Beach Party24th June: Dancing in Colours24th June: VVIP Yacht Party26th June: Glow Party27th June: Zante Live28th June: Paint Party29th June: Life's a Beach Party

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