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Sunny Beach July 2018 Calendar Coming Soon

Check out the Summer 17 Calendar below to get an idea of what we will have to offer.

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July is always the busiest month in summer, so keep an eye out for the busiest bar crawls and the classic den glade Viking who you will be spending a lot of time with during your stay at Sunny Beach. Keep an eye on this space for the 2018 event updates in Sunny Beach.

2017 Calendar below

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1st July: Room 22nd July: Beach Party Live Event3rd July: Party Square Bar Crawl4th July: Full Moon Party5th July: Jäger Night5th July: Traffic Light Bar Crawl6th July: UV Party7th July: VIP Bottle Party8th July: Room 29th July: Beach Party Live Event10th July: Party Square Bar Crawl11th July: Full Moon Party12th July: Jäger Night12th July: Traffic Light Bar Crawl13th July: UV Party14th July: VIP Bottle Party 15th July: Room 216th July: Beach Party Live Event17th July: Party Square Bar Crawl18th July: Full Moon Party19th July: Jäger Night19th July: Traffic Light Bar Crawl20th July: UV Party21st July: VIP Bottle Party22nd July: Room 223rd July: Beach Party Live Event24th July: Party Square Bar Crawl25th July: Full Moon Party26th July: Jäger Night26th July: Traffic Light Bar Crawl27th July: UV Party28th July: VIP Bottle Party 29th July: Room 230th July: Beach Party Live Event31st July: Party Square Bar Crawl

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